Acetal, also known as polyacetal, polyoxymethylene (POM), or polyformaldehyde, is a high performance engineering polymer. Because of its high strength, modulus, and resistance to impact and fatigue, it is used as a weight-saving metal replacement. Acetal is subject to degradation in acid and base solutions and is not readily available in a flame-retardant grade. Acetal is available in Copolymer (C) and Homopolymer (H).
If you require an engineering plastic product with excellent machining properties and dimensional stability for critical tolerances, acetal is an excellent choice. Acetal is ideal for the machining of precision parts as it has a low co-efficient of friction and excellent dielectric properties. Pacific West can supply acetal in black and natural (white) and also custom made machined acetal parts. 

Uses for Acetal:

  • Precision gears
  • Bearings with close tolerances
  • Electrical engineering insulators
  • Snap fit assemblies
  • Parts which operate in water between 60° to 90°C
  • Musical instrument parts
  • Thrust washers
  • Slideways

Acetal (polyoxymethylene)

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